Lunch & Dinner Shows!

Entertainment for Your Dining Pleasure


  • Denny Diamond & Family Jewels

    Delighting Audiences across the nation performing a fun and energetic tribute to one of America's favorite singer/songwriters, Neil Diamond
    815-893-9202 or Visit

  • The Legacy Girls

    Vocal trio, Legacy Girls has been thrilling audiences all over Chicagoland with their musical revues. They will capture your heart with their contagious smiles, and delight you as they take you down memory lane.
    630-851-7609 or Visit

  • Mestas Musicals

    "We bring the Theatre to you!"
    Entertain you with a variety of shows for every occasion, holiday and special event!
    815-723-8093 or Visit

  • Patty Waszak Show

    High-Energy, Heart-Warming Musical
    Show and Dinner packages available.
    865-774-9454 or Visit

  • Fabulous Frank

    Award-winning entertainer Peter Oprisko
    stars in 4 fantastic, critically
    acclaimed musical tributes!
    708-226-9920 or Visit

  • Randy Walker

    A multi-talented guitarist and vocalist,
    this Chicagoland entertainer performs numerous shows,
    from classic 70s rock to Johnny Cash tributes.
    Call 224-489-7256 or Visit

  • August

    4th Denny Diamond
    10th Mestas
    16th Great Songwriters
    17th Academy Awards
    18th Dean Martin
    19th Frank Sinatra
    25th Legacy Girls


    13th Academy Awards
    14th Dean Martin
    15th Frank Sinatra
    16th Great Songwriters
    20th Denny Diamond (Lunch & Dinner)
    21st Mestas
    30th Legacy Girls


    5th Denny Diamond (Lunch & Dinner)
    11th Dean Martin
    12th Frank Sinatra
    13th Great Songwriters
    14th Academy Awards
    18th Randy Walker
    19th Mestas
    26th Legacy Girls


    (Christmas decorations go up Nov. 12th)
    4th Denny Diamond (Lunch & Dinner)
    8, 9, 10, 11 Patty Waszak
    15th Frank Sinatra
    16th Dean Martin
    17th Academy Awards
    18th Great Songwriters


    2nd Legacy Girls
    7th & 8th Mestas
    9th Denny Diamond (Lunch & Dinner)
    13th Frank Sinatra
    14th Dean Sinatra
    15th Great Songwriters
    16th Academy Awards

  • February

    8th Randy Walker


    21st Nancy ‘ “Sweet Reminders”
    26th Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)
    27th Frank Sinatra (Peter Oprisko)


    29th Mestas Musicals


    12th – Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)
    13th Frank Sinatra (Peter Oprisko)
    19th Mestas Musicals


    3 rd Denny Dimond
    4th Frank Sinatra (Peter Oprisko)
    10th Randy Walker
    11th Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)
    12th Nancy “Sweet Reminders”
    16th , 17 th , 18 th , 19 th Patty Waszak
    24th Mestas Musicals


    14th Mestas Musicals
    21st Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)
    22nd Frank Sinatra (Peter Oprisko)
    23rd Renee (Lunch & Dinner)

  • August

    2nd Randy Walker
    9th Mestas Musicals
    25th Renee (Lunch & dinner shows)


    12th Frank Sinantra (Peter Oprisko)
    13th Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)
    14th John Denver (Chip Messner)
    27th Mestas Musicals


    11th Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)
    12th Frank Sinatra (Peter Oprisko)
    18th Mestas
    20th Nancy “Sweet Reminders”
    27th Renee (lunch & dinner show)


    1st Randy Walker
    8th Mestas
    14th, 15th, 16th , Patty Waszak
    29th Frank Sinatra (peter Oprisko)
    30th Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)


    1st Renee, (Lunch & dinner show)
    5th Renee (lunch)
    7th Mestas
    8th Nancy, “Sweet Reminders”
    13th Mestas
    14th Frank Sinatra (Peter Oprisko)
    15th Dean Martin (Peter Oprisko)

  • Table Information

    Tables of 8 or more will be in:
    Carriage Room (up to 8)
    Frontier or Garden Room

    Red Room

    Red Room holds 4's & 6's

    South Room

    South Room holds 4's & 6's


    Non-Alcohol $2.50
    Alcohol $5.00

    Whole Pies

    Apple $15.00
    Cheesecake $35.00
    Chocolate $45.00

Upcoming 2016 Hours

Closed in January 2016 - Will reopen February 2, 2016

Easter Sunday
11 - 8pm     (reservations accepted for 12 or more after 6 pm on Easter Sunday.)
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11 - 8pm     Romeoville Restaurant Hours
12 - 8pm     Other Carryout Hours
Mothers' Day
11 - 8 pm     Main Restaurant (Helpful hint we are very busy from 1 to 6pm, come early at 11am and you may get right in. We do not take reservations, we seat in turn)
11 - 8pm     Carryout Hours
Fathers' Day
12 - 8 pm
12 - 8pm     Carryout Hours
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year's Eve
4 - 9pm / Carryout: 12 - 8pm
New Year's Day
12 - 6pm / Carryout: 12 - 6pm
January 2, 2017
Closed for the season
February 1, 2017
Holiday Decorations will be up by November 12, 2016
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Carryout Hours

Our carry-out locations offer the same great food as the main restaurant, packaged and ready to take home, to work, to a picnic, or wherever else you can imagine. All food is served to-go only; no dining areas are available in the carry-outs.

Tue - Fri
4 - 8 pm
Sat & Sun
12 - 8 pm