White Fence Farm Animals!

Farm Animals


  • Lady GaGa

    Lady Llama was our ambassador to the Farm animals at WFF for 30 years. She guarded whatever animals I gave her and graciously greeted all who came to visit. She was the sweetest, most stoic Llama you would ever meet. She strutted the fence line like the emperors grove. I thank her for all her years of service here on the farm, she will be truly missed by me personnally. RIP 1988-June 2, 2018

  • Carmel & (Her Kid) Snickers

  • Brownie

  • Peanut (Cinderella's Kid)

  • Rosie (Brown) & Roselita (Gray) (9 Year old female Alpaca's)

  • Ms. Indy

  • Abby & Rosetta

Our animals are located across the parking lot in the white fence area where you can pet and feed them through the fence.

All our animals are girls except for one male goat named, “Goat”, (greatest of all time). He was born and hand raised here at WFF.

Our Alpaca’s are Rosie (Brown) 160lbs and Roselita (gray) 190 lbs. Alpacas are charming and valuable members of the Camelid family. Alpacas are prized for their luxurious and costly fiber, which is harvested by shearing once a year. We will be selling our Alpaca fiber and dryer balls at the cashier area along with stuffed animals. The Alpaca gestation period is 11 months. The baby is called a Cria. Alpacas are a herd animal and are native to the Andes Mountains of South America where they are used for their fiber and their meat. Alpacas are very gentle, clean animals and make wonderful pets.

“Lady GAGA”, is our Llama. She is friendly and wears a beautiful white coat. She weighs about 300 lbs. Llamas are also members of the Camelid family and are native to South America. Their uses include showing, packing, driving, guards for sheep and goats, wool, pets and breeding. The Llamas gestation period is 11-12 months and they rarely have twins. An adult Llama can carry 50-60 lbs. 8-10 miles per day, although they do spit at each other, they seldom spit at people unless teased. Llamas and Alpacas hum to communicate. They also have a high-pitched scream that sounds like a turkey, which is their alarm call.

Our goats are Norwegian Dwarf mini goats. They all have names and are very friendly. Goats are hard to keep cause like kids they get into everything. Baby goats are called kids. People love goats. They are known to calm people. Some goats emit a high-pitched wale when something simply isn’t right. . Each kid is very unique vocally, it’s one of the ways their mother can identify them when they’re born.

One of the great built-in survival mechanisms a goat has is its keen night vision, which is all thanks to its rectangular pupils. They can scout their surroundings from 320 to 340 degrees in one glance. Humans can only do 160 to 210 degrees. They are mountain animals and have stellar coordination that enables them to reach outrageous feats involving heights-they’ve even been known to climb trees. Wait till you see them in their playground area.

Just like cattle, goats eat plant-based food and need four stomachs to be able to break it down, they’re ruminants. Humans only have one stomach. Goats have been tamed by humans for ages-they’ve been herd animals for about 10,000 years, originating in Southwest Asia. A large group of Goats is called a herd.

Be sure to take your photos of our animals in their pasture with their red barn. Then post them to your facebook or whatever social media you like, it’s fun and beautiful.

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